Little Black Boots go a long way!

I saw these amazing little black ankle boots with studs on in Zara the other day and I want them! The only thing is I need to save money and they are about £60. However the shopoholic part of me thinks well black boots are an investment – a  wardrobe essential if you will – if I buy them now then I won’t need to buy any come Autumn time. Yet the more boring side of me thinks ‘your trying to save money!’ It got me thinking how great a pair of little black boots are, as they are so versatile. So here is some little black boot inspiration for wardrobe essentials:







As you can see little black boots are just a little bit fabulous, there are so many styles and so many ways to wear them, here are some of my favourites from the amazing collection currently available at ASOS:

ASOS ATTEND Chelsea Wedge Ankle Boots Blowfish Aerin Heeled Ankle Boot With Buckle Senso Vala Hidden Platform Ankle Boot

£60                                                         £40                                                          £120

Minnetonka Back Zipper Black Ankle Boots Sam Edelman Louie Fringed Ankle Boot ASOS AUDRINA Western Leather Ankle Boots

£73                                                    £128                                                    £27.50

80%20 Dewey sheepskin lined Ankle Boots ASOS AMP Chelsea Ankle Boot DV Whatt Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boots

£115                                                           £55                                                 £71.50

I love the pairs with a little heel as they give you a bit of extra height and enhance your outfit, if you find a nice comfortable pair that are good to walk in, even better. What do you think of the LBB? XOXO


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