Rainy Dayz

What a summer it has been so far, in England the weather has been shocking and it’s rained everyday this week, as well as being depressing it means you can’t bust out your new summer fashions. So I thought I’d do a blog on summer fashion for when it’s raining, here’s some inspiration:





The key things to remember are:

 1) Appropriate footwear – ideally boots of some kind, especially some Hunter wellies if you have the cash. No one wants wet feet!

2) Still wear summer fashions such as shorts – if it’s cold layer over tights. Skirts and dresses also look really cute with boots and a jacket.

3) Invest in a quality umbrella, if all else fails a trusty umbrella will keep you dry, your outfit intact and your hair frizz free.

Hopefully the weather will improve soon and our summer clothes will be worn with pride! XOXO


One thought on “Rainy Dayz

  1. Great post! My trouble is when it rains here in the summer (though it hasn’t in weeks, we are dying for rain) it is too damn hot for layers or even considering a jacket. Part of my outfit always ends up wet as the umbrella can only do so much, or I layer and end up insanely hot. One day I’ll figure it out.
    ps- love the clear umbrellas!

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