Style Bite – Parka & Army Jackets

I want a light parka for a jacket to wear over summer clothes for when the weather is – let’s say less than summer like! I do feel this is slightly ironic, as I’m writing this we appear to have finally reached the height of summer and it’s about 26 degrees. However we all know this will last for about a week tops! Getting back to the point I have seen a few people wearing khaki green jackets, parka’s and shirts over vests and shorts and I love this look!



Wear over shorts and beandeau


Rita Ora



I love this laid back back, casual yet chic look, it’s perfect to go with this seasons trends and easy to wear, here are some jacket options:

Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren Patched Parka 

£136.50 ASOS                                £48 Urban Outfitters                                       

 Genuine Vintage French Military F2 Army Camo Jacket Grade 1

£17.95 Ebay


£55    River Islan                                                                                £50 River Island

What is great about the light parka and army jacket, is that they are an investment piece. Timeless style that you can whip out season after season, they are a good staple to have in your wardrobe to dress up or down. Also they are really good for layering with the classic Blighty between season weather. Will you be wearing a light parka or army jacket this season? I think you should!  XOXO


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