Lock n hold lipgloss

I was in Superdrug the other day and walked past Collection 2000 which I don’t normally purchase from but I saw these gorgeous coloured lipglosses and they were two for £5 so I though why not try them out. Lock n Hold Lipgloss in Body Pop 1 and Break dance 4:




Now it says on the front of these lipglosses up to 6 hours wear I can 100% confirm this is not true! To get a good representation of the colour on the lip you have to apply quite a few layers, but after one kiss the colour seems to subside, the gloss remains but the colour is nowhere to be seen.

The gloss is a little sticky but dries after a while and keeps it’s sheen. One of the best things about these glosses is the scent which is fruity and sweet plus you get quite a lot of gloss in the 5ml plastic rectangular pot so they do last a while. One tip I have is if you put a similar colour lipstick on a dry lip first, then cover with the gloss the colour lasts a lot longer and you get the best combination of lipstick and lipgloss. XOXO.



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