One to watch: Katarina Pahlson

Making her mark on fashion, this London based Swedish designer is pushing the boundaries with her debut collection for her self named luxury brand. Placing emphasis on innovative structure and creating bold silhouettes a Katarina Pahlson garment would definitely add an edge to your wardrobe, here’s a flavour:


Taking inspiration from a world of fantasy, the debut collection is  based around ‘The Harlequin’ character encompassing the monochrome aesthetic and creating a playful vibe. The geometric based prints bring the meticulous cut of the garments to life.

Here are the The Harlequin  collection designs



As you can see the theme continues throughout the whole collection with the structured lines and monochrome colour scheme, but the overall feel is ultimately feminine and flirty. I just love the tuxedo!

If your interested in a piece of this fabulous debut collection for your wardrobe, you can now purchase them from ASOS Marketplace as well as directly from the Katarine Pahlson website:

Katarina Pahlson boutique

Luxury basics with a stylish edge, certain to be a staple in your wardrobe, a Katarina Pahlson garment is an investment with the prices between £75 = £385. Grab yourself some style and keep up with Katarina Pahlson as she is certainly one designer to watch, I predict big things! XOXO


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