Nude Chic

Over the last year nude has really taken over as the go to colour with some even saying that nude is the new black! Now it is a great colour especially to excentuate a golden glow, and since we are at the height of summer why not indulge. It it subtle, demure and feminine and represented really well on lace material. The only thing I do object to is nude trousers, especially leggings! Here is some nude street style for your wardrobe inspiration:




Nude is even now a staple of celebrity wardrobes, see below for your celebrity inspiration:



As you can see the colour looks great on all different types of garments and in lots of different shades too, here are some great options from ASOS:

ASOS Strapless Skater Dress in Lace ASOS Blouse With Scallops And Laser Cutting Club L Fit And Flare Dress With Belt

£45                                                     £30                                                      £22

ASOS PETITE Sexy Wrap Top ASOS Cami With Drape Sides And Skinny Straps ASOS Slot Through Envelope Clutch

£22.50                                              £28                                                       £16

Factory By Erik Hart Skirt Maxi Wrap Sheer Drape KG Caggie Platform Peep Toe Court Shoes 

£72.50                                              £42

All of these items are currently available at what do you think nude or not? XOXO

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