Style Conscience – Prairie Charms

Check out Prairie Charm bracelets, the brand  that ensures whilst you are buying a bracelet to suit your individual style you are also donating a contribution to Great Ormond Street Hospital’s ‘Kiss it better’ campaign. Beaded bracelets with cute little charms which are sourced worldwide, come in the gorgeous shape of bows, feathers and wheels.

♥,The,simple,things,in,life,,are,often,the,best,(PRE-ORDER),*Best,Seller*,Would you like the bow charm to be silver or gold? ♥,All,imaginable,futures,are,not,equally,possible,(PRE-ORDER) ♥,Seeing,is,believing,(PRE-ORDER)

Single beaded charm bracelets are £8 whilst the double sets come in at £16. The wooden beads are of a good durable quality and on elastic to ensure they will fit any wrist size, while the cute charms add style to the bracelet.

Prairie Charms are now also selling Friendship Wraps with woven thread and beads coming in at £16:

♥,You,are,my,sunshine ♥,I,don't,know,where,i'm,going,from,here,but,promise,it,won't,be,boring

I myself have purchased the cream coloured bead bracelet with the vintage bow charm, called THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE, ARE OFTEN THE BEST:




As you can see the bracelet look great! The colours are complimentary and they are easy to stack with any other bracelet. I think it’s amazing that Prairie Charms are giving 10% of all proceeds to Great Ormond Street Hopsital’s ‘Kiss it Better’ campaign and I hope they are able to make a difference.

If you would like to get a Prairie Charm bracelet for yourself whilst making a donation to charity please visit XOXO


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