Nail Style Bite – Nude & Glitter

I did a post a little while back on nude nails and found some great pictures of nude and gold glitter nails. I’ve been meaning to go out and buy some nude nail varnish for ages and last weekend I finally did.

So I tried out these colour varnishes on my nails and here is how they look:







The nude nail varnish is by Gosh at £4.99 and the gold glitter nail varnish is Barry M at only £2.99.

I love this look, the nude and gold colours compliment each other well and the glitter looks pretty without being in your face sparkle.

The nude colour is quite thick so you only need two thin coats for a good covering and the glitter nail varnish is better applied sparingly. I find some glitter varnishes tend to be quite gloopy and the texture is really rough when it dries. With this nail varnish the actual glitter particles are quite small and so you get a smooth finish, making the glitter and the nude varnishes look like one layer. The overall result is understated glamour that can be used for a day or evening look.

I would definitely recommend these varnishes for great quality and value for money. I’m really pleased with the overall look of the nude varnish and the glitter layered on top, what do you think? XOXO


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