Guest post by the fabulous Anya Sarre – Fashion, Confidence and You

We all have felt that wonderful feeling that we look good in the clothes we’re wearing. A big part of women’s obsession with clothing and shoes is that they really can make us feel and look better. Wearing stylish clothes that fit our bodies can really change our outlook. I have often wondered why clothes make us feel so good. Clothes are an expression of our personality and allow us to express ourselves through fashion. This season, summer trends are an excellent way to look good and stylish. Here are a few tips for achieving this:


 Choose Flattering Styles:

 The most important thing about fashion is to wear what flatters your body and feels comfortable. You can make all trends work with your body type and emphasize your favorite features. Looking back in the past, I realize that the times I didn’t feel to good about the way I looked was because I was wearing clothes that did not fit my body or hid my best feature. Here is a guide on this season’s hottest trends by body type:


Straight Body – Portrays a rectangular shape with hardly any curves. This summer you can pair a brightly colored pleated maxi skirt with a fitted tank top to create the illusion of hips. You can also wear pastel-colored skinny jeans with a flowy blouse for an extra chic look. 



Curvy Body – You have one of the most enviable bodies and have plenty to flaunt. This summer’s peplum and fitted sheath dresses were made for your body shape and will showcase your curves. For more casual outfits, pair a loose chiffon shirt over a fitted bandage skirt or shorts for that glam on the go ensemble.



Petite –There are many styles that will visually lengthen your frame. Pair short shorts with a silk blouse or a miniskirt with a tank top to make your legs look mile long. You can also use a skinny belt to make looser styles look more fitted and prevent them from overpowering your frame.



This summer’s bright colours and girly silhouettes will pick up your mood and make you feel good. Wearing figure-flattering and trendy clothing will help you feel and look good. It is important to remember that the most important accessory you can wear is your confidence. Anything will look good on you if you feel good about yourself. Strut your stuff this summer and let your inner fashionista out!

Anya X

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