Diary of a Fashion Intern – Week 3

The third week of my internship has been quite quiet really, the first part of the week was spent completing all of the jewellery credits from the latest photo shoots. This involved contacting the PR agencies for the prices, sending them images and waiting for responses.

We also sent back all of the remaining clothes and tidied up the fashion cupboard. After all of the shoots credits and stockists were updated that was all of the post shoot work done.

A lot of the week was spent doing ad hoc activities such as taking items to the photographers, counting up how many items there are to buy in the latest issue going to print and meeting Where’s Wally – yes this is right. As it’s his 25th birthday Where’s Wally and friends were delivering cardboard cut outs and cupcakes to the magazine.

image Photo: In Manchester this weekend? Come along to Selfridges in the Trafford Centre and you may just find Wally!

I helped sort out all the new beauty items that had been sent to the Beauty Director and sort through the beauty cupboard – which is amazing! They get sent all of the latest beauty products, make-up and perfumes it’s great, seriously there are deliveries every day, it’s like Christmas!

On Thursday I spent the morning typing up an interview with Sarah Cawood (remember her?) for the NOW Mum and Baby magazine issue. The recording was done from a mobile on loud speaker, in a car with her baby screaming in the background – so it was a challenge!

After this me and Lauren were given the task of finding matches for some of Amber Heard’s stylish outfits for the fashion feature ‘Her Style your Way’. This was interesting as I found out how easy it is to get the celebrity style matches – if your willing to look for them. Once we found matches at reasonable prices, we just had to obtain high resolution images to go with the outfit image in the magazine. Look out for it, as it will be in an issue soon!

On Friday I had to create a trend wall of all the latest trends coming in for Autumn / Winter here it is:



Just to let you know, the must have A/W trends include Military, Sixties, English Heritage, Black, Prints, Leather, Mannish suits, Cocoon Coats, Blanket Prints and Purple.

Other jobs included putting the dummy (like a preview layout of the magazine) together and creating a wall for it, so all the people working on the magazine can see the layout, how it looks when it’s finished, see if anything needs to be moved and so you know what is left to be done.


Friday was Laurens last day interning, so we went out to lunch at Byron Burger which is totes delicious! This is my lunch – I had the skinny burger with cheese, side salad and courgette fries. I had never even heard of courgette fries before but they are so yummy.


Friday afternoon was spent posing for pictures to have our faces put on the intern wall to make sure they remember us – hopefully!


We had to pose with a prop from the fashion cupboad – yeah, so I chose this black feather mask, I hate having to pose for pictures but decided this one wasn’t too bad. Next week will be my last week interning at NOW and due to the Bank Holiday Weekend I’ll only have four days. I know I’ll definitely be applying for jobs in the magazine industry as I love it! XOXO


4 thoughts on “Diary of a Fashion Intern – Week 3

  1. This sounds awesome :), would you mind emailing me at floraldanielle@hotmail.com so I could ask you a few small questions about this internship? It would really help for my uni course as I’m studying fashion design and just about to start applying for internships and I’m not sure which area of the fashion industry to apply for yet!
    Thank you 🙂

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