Diary of a Fashion Intern – Week 4

After the bank holiday weekend I only had four days left at NOW magazine and as well as training up the new intern I was kept busy with a few little tasks.


I was given the task of finding all of the hot boots which are being bought in by the stores and online boutiques for Autumn / Winter, for a boots feature that will be appearing in the magazine soon. Now this was huge and I literally spent a whole day trying to find all of the nice boots and the different boot styles that will be on trend this coming season.

So after finding appropriate images from a large number of different stores and websites I had to obtain the high resolution image of the boot, but it had to be shot in profile for the layout of the feature. So this meant contacting all of the different PR offices and requesting the images and if they didn’t have them shot in profile, request that they be re-shot. There was a lot of going backwards and forwards with this over the whole week.

I also spent a lot of time finding images of female celebrities that have recently been shot out and about for the Her Style Your Way feature. I found it was good to do a bit of research and look at who has films coming out soon as they would likely have attended a premiere or a few publicity events. Then I had to find a good quality image of them wearing an on trend outfit. So I managed to put together some folders of images of Emma Watson, Elizabeth Olsen, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Isla Fisher . They decided to go with the Kate Hudson images so then I had to find exact matches for all of her recent outfits but at much cheaper prices.

This means searching the internet, look books and contacting PR’s. Some items like shoes, bags and sunglasses are quite easy to find, however I had a nightmare trying to find a short sleeved, tan printed playsuit. In the end I eventually found matches to all of the outfits but it took two days and I look forward to seeing the feature layed out in the magazine soon.

I really enjoyed my time at Now Magazine and have definitely learned a lot about how a magazine is run, what goes on behind the scenes and how the different features are put together. Sometimes as an intern you may be asked to do a lot of small and very tedious tasks and you may not get thanked for doing certain tasks, but it’s worth perservering with as the overall experience you gain is invaluble.

The people that work at the magazine have great jobs and I would love to work on a magazine as it’s fun, interesting, varied and obviously I love fashion and beauty. I feel like I have gained a lot of useful exprience and know I can do the job. Unfortuantely while I was with NOW there were no entry level opportunities that I could apply for. I have been applying for lots of writing, blogging and styling jobs and I have been offered a freelance blogging job for an up and coming fashion brand Arteecollage so I’m very excited to start this new role in a few weeks time.

As it’s a freelance position I can’t give up the day job yet but am still applying for permanent jobs too, so hopefully sometime soon I will be able to spend all my time doing a job I love. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Diary of a Fashion Intern and found it interesting! XOXO


3 thoughts on “Diary of a Fashion Intern – Week 4

    • I actually worked with someone who’s husband works at NOW and got me the fashion editors email. But if you look on the careers section of most magazine websites there is normally an email to apply for internships. Also you can look on the publisher websites especially Conde Nast as they do paid internships – might be worth looking at. Good Luck! XOXO

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