Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – Oil Free Review

Over the years I have used a combination of powders and foundations, my favourites being Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation which I found had good coverage but it felt quite heavy on my face and is also quite expensive. I also use Max Factors face powder which has a really good colour match to my skin but can appear to sit on the skin especially in the dry areas but is also too thin to use on it’s own. I had started using Nivea’s tinted moisturiser with the powder but found it very oily around the nose area.

I decided to try a BB Cream as I’d heard they are the perfect combination of a foundation and a tinted moisturiser and when I saw Garnier’s BB Cream  – Miracle Skin Perfector which was oil free, I thought it might suit my skin. I have been using the BB Cream for a few weeks now and I love it!


The best thing about this BB Cream  is the oil-free formula which is ‘enriched with ultra-absorbent perlite’ and is specially designed to help control shine. I always used to have to worry about shine on my nose and making sure it was covered with powder but now I don’t, the BB Cream really does absorb it all. Despite the fact I’m 25 I unfortunately still suffer with spots, mainly around my chin area and they often scar. This BB Cream minimises the appearance of not only pores but spot scars too and makes the overall appearance of my skin a lot smoother.

Other perks of this BB Cream are – it’s enriched with mineral pigments meaning it’s good for your skin and it unifies the complexion, for a sheer and natural look – I have found it really does blend the colour of your skin well. Also it has SPF 20, it helps protect skin against the harmful effects of the sun so its perfect to sunbathe in too!

My biggest worry with trying a BB Cream was that it wouldn’t cover enough, but I found it actually blends with your natural skin colour really well but doesn’t appear that your wearing make-up. You get a lot of product in the long tube, the texture is smooth and lightweight, yet speads thinly and evenly over my skin well. I think it’s great and an absolute bargain at £9.99 but is currently £7.49 in Superdrug.


As you can see the BB Cream does have a good coverage -(looks slightly orange in this picture due to the camera flash) but I would recommend this to everyone esecially if they suffer with combination oily skin. XOXO


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