Bowler Hats: The edge of cool!

I have noticed that hats are really having a come back and it’s definitely emerged from street style trends rather than being dictated by the catwalks and I love a good hat! I often think it would be nice to go back to th 1920’s where men wore suits and hats all the time and the women were always glammed up. Moving on – I love the look of the bowler hat in particular as it adds that effortless chic edge to an outfit, here’s some inspiration:



(I love the dreamy free-spirited feel of these images)



As you can see the bowler hat looks awesome! I particularly love the look with long hair down, statement lips and a layered outfit – perfect for the Autumn / Winter season. Check out how the celebrities wear their bowler hats:



I really like the look of the bowler hat with a monochrome outfit like Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson’s outfits. What’s so great about the bowler hat is that it looks great on men too:



As I said before men in suits and hats – so dapper! I love how these outfits have been styled especially the blue shirt, red tie with black trousers and hat as it has great colour comination and is completed with the tan bag. It’s definitely a look you can experiment with!

I wanted to leave you with these images as I really feel they show off the essence of bowler hat cool!


I’m definitely going to be rocking a bowler hat this season, I love the je ne sais quoi it brings to your outfits and they’re really versatile so you can experiment with your look and see what outfits the bowler hat goes best with, what do you think? XOXO


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