Dipped Hems & Bowler Hats

Last weekend I did a blog on Bowler Hat chic, I loved the uber stylish look and decided I just had to have one. I did a spot of shopping in the week and found one that I really liked from Topshop. Today I styled it with a white unicorn printed tee, a dipped hem skirt and spiked western boots:









White unicorn printed tee – Zara £16.99

Maroon dipped hem skirt with studded belt – Primark £10

Spike studded western ankle boots – Primark £18

Black bowler hat – Topshop £25

Black 60’s sunglasses – Jeepers Peepers £16

I love this look, especially the shape and colour of the skirt, the jersey material is super comfortable, really soft and light to wear. The white tee fits in well with the look and pulls together the different colours. The spike studded ankle boots are really comfortable and easy to walk in as the heel is low and quite chunky, I would definitely recommend them! I really feel the bowler hat adds some serious style to this look and gives it that urban chic edge. I’m definitely going to try to wear the hat more and establish it into my signature style as I think it will go with a lot of my other outfits. I wasn’t sure what I thought about the sunglasses with the hat  – what do you think? XOXO


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