Guest Post – How to style your Summer dresses for Winter

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to update that wardrobe of yours. One of my least favorite things about the seasons changing is that I have to say goodbye to my favorite designer dresses for another year. It’s the same routine, goodbye dresses hello winter coat, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little thought and imagination your favorite looks can transition from summer to winter, casual to dressy and right back again. So don’t push them to the back of your wardrobe just yet.

Whether its your prom dresses from your high school days, or last months beach dress it CAN be transformed to fit any occasion and here are just some examples.


Remember that short white party dress, how could you forget?! Before you swap this dress for one of your winter pieces, look again. A summer dress like this can be easily toned down and transformed into a chic winter outfit.

Firstly grab your tights a pair of your favorite flat ankle boots. Add chunky knit sweater for warmth (black would work best for this look). Next, invest in an evergreen infinity scarf to give this a look a pop of color , and Voilà! You have created on chic look that will keep you warm and dry in those freezing snowy months.


Oh yes that gorgeous summer maxi that took you so effortlessly from the beach to dinner on the cabana. Don’t fret this one is easy-peasy!

Turn to those faithful winter boots of yours, this time opt for something knee length and baggy. Now, the key to this look is a side knot, yes you heard, me a side knot! This will not only expose your winter boots but it adds a funky feel to you look while retaining the elegance of a maxi dress. This look is a favorite among celebrity and style blogger scene, boho Vanessa Hudgens is rarely seen in a dress without a side knot.

For the top of this outfit the choice is endless. If you like the edgy rock and roll look grab an cropped leather jacket, for a more tailored look an woolen blazer or camel coat works wonders and for a boho look a long flowing knit cardigan gives you that carefree vibe. Now swap those summer beads for a metallics. Grab a chunky scarf and your ready to go.

So there it is, the tips and trick to on how to wear summer dresses in the winter. Love Sinead X


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