The Kardashians give Dorothy Perkins a makeover!

Dorothy Perkins is often thought of as a safe option, nice demure office wear clothes but maybe a bit mumsy and the less stylish of the Arcadia brands. No more! Dorothy Perkins is getting a sexy edge with the sassy style of the Kardashian Kollection which lauched today!

Sister act: Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian model clothes from their Dorothy Perkins line

With a collection of the stylish and on trend pieces that you can mix and match, let the Kardashians inspire your wardrobe, here’s a glimpse of what will be in store:

Sheer spot blouse: £35 Shorts with satin trim: £30

£35                                                                                             £30

Black dress with cut out: £40 Floral print trench coat: £75 Black bag with gold studs: £45

£40                                                            £75                                                               £45

Spotted jacket: £50 Black jacket with satin trim: £50 Jacket: £50

All jackets £50

Beige floral print body-con dress with black panels: £50 Sleeveless spotted dress: £40 Black dress with lace collar: £45

£50                                                                 £40                                                                  £45

Turquoise dress with black bow-tie: £38 Purple body-con dress with black detailing: £50

£38                                                                                                         £50

Leggings with leather panels: £28 Black leather jacket: £55

£28                                                                      £55

White leather tote bag with gold detail: £55  White shirt with black lace shoulder: £35

£55                                                                £35

The Kardashians are renowned for their high octane-high-sex-appeal fashion sense, and this collection aims to emulate the individual styles of each sister

I love all of the pieces and think the price points are actually quite reasonable, I really love the leather jacket – might just have to get it! What I think is great about this collection is that the garments all go together and they are perfect basics for your wardrobe. There is a great combination of colour, monochrome, girly and stylish pieces.

I think its safe to say that Dorothy Perkins will now be aiming its clothes at a younger more glamourous audience, to get a piece of the Kardashian Kollection for your wardrobe it will be available at selected stores and online from today.  Please visit XOXO


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