First Lady Style!

Congratulations to Barack Obama on being re-elected for a second term as President, one thing that I’ve noticed during the presidential campaign is how much emphasis is now put on the first lady and in particular her fashion. Michelle Obama always gets it right, she looks stylish and wears a great combination of High Street and designer brands. So I just wanted to dedicate a post to the super stylish first ladies:

Michelle Obama



As you can see she wears a range of colours and styles, she has great arms and is able to pull off sleeveless very well. Michelle also accessorises well, there is always a great statement bag, belt or necklace. I think currently in the world of politics she is the number one style icon.

Carla Bruni


Carla Bruni for one is beautiful and has a great figure, she sticks to clean lines with her clothes and is great at colour blocking. Her style is a little more European so it would be nice to see her in more heels.

Samantha Cameron


Samantha Cameron quite often wears British designers, she dabbles with colours and different styles, she often looks great but I think she should dress more to show off her slim figure and take more risks with style.

My favourite first lady of all time – Jackie Kennedy



Jackie Kennedy was officially the first lady to bring glamour, style and Chanel to politics, her impact on fashion and style has lasted the test of time. I love her signature style of a Chanel suit, big round sunglasses and the pearl necklace. She dressed to impress and always looked chic, demure and appropriate which is something that’s rarely seen these days.

So that’s my round up of stylish first ladies – who is your favourite? XOXO


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