Over the knee boots – trendy or trashy?

When I think of over the knee boots my thoughts initially jump to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman zipping up her pvc footwear and colouring in the heel with mascara. But over the knee can also be demure I have a pair of flat, grey, over the knee riding boots that look great with jeans and are actually very practical for keeping my legs dry and warm in the hideous British Winter weather. So my question is where is the fashion balance with over the knee boots?

While you think that over let me present the current over the knee boot trend, pictured just this week supermodel Miranda Kerr was pictured pounding the pavements of New York whilst carrying her young son Flynn:

Is there nothing she can't do? Strutting down the street in sky-high heels and bouncing a giggling baby on her hip, Miranda doesn't shy away from the challenge

Always seen looking chic and stylish there is nothing this woman cannot make classy- enter over the knee boots! I actually really like this outfit, the combination of the chunky knit dress with the boots and sunglasses looks uber stylish yet remains sexy and demure. The knit dress is loose and comfortable with that effortless chic feel and the boots add a bit of glam but without looking cheap.

Here’s some over the knee street style for a bit of fashion inspiration:



The more I’ve looked at this trend the more I like it, I think worn the right way with jeans or leggings and a chunky knit or long top, the over the knee boot looks great. I would definitely choose leather boots over pvc or suede to avoid them looking cheap.

Over the knee boots – trendy or trashy what do you think? XOXO


7 thoughts on “Over the knee boots – trendy or trashy?

  1. Love the image you chose with Miranda! I think some people are tempted to do thigh high leather boots, shorts, and a cropped top in order to be ‘sexy’, but end up with the opposite result. And I definitely agree with you regarding how it can look cute if you pair a chunky knit and boots.

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