A few stylish winter looks

I have been really lazy with blogging lately due to celebrating Xmas, New Year and now moving house – who knew there was so much to do? I also realised the complete lack of outfit posts on my blog recently so I just wanted to post some looks from the last few months.

Outfit 1: I love a chunky knit in winter especially a patterned one and what better to give some detail than a studded collar. This is my favourite oversized knit from Monki:

image image


I also love a print and this season tie dye and galaxy prints have been huge, I like the subtle approach with a top here or some leggings there and these blue and white leggings go so well with the jumper.

Outfit 2: My obsession with the statement colour mint continued from last summer and I simply adore this mint cable knit from Zara, it’s just  so versatile to layer under or over other garments.  On the odd day of winter sun I love to get my Sixties style glasses on, this pair are from Jeepers Creepers and they add a certain glamour to a winter ensemble.

I experimented this season with the fur gillet, I’ve been a bit unsure before as they can look quite chavvy but I love this one from H&M, the white colour lightens any outfit and the fur gives that gorgeous warm wintery texture.

image image

Outfit 3: I am a big believer that accessories can make an outfit so I’ve been wearing my bowler hat to give an urban cool edge to my winter looks.  I love this look with the black studded jumper over the denim shirt and shorts – such a great colour combination. The leopard chelsea boots from Topshop bring out the colours and gives some detail with the print.


Outfit 4: One thing I totally love about winter is that you can layer up, tights, boots, shorts, jackets anything and you cant really go wrong. I love a denim shorts over tights look and all season I have been wearing my studded biker boots: They’re so comfy as well as practical to survive in the traditonal blighty weather. In fact I love everything with studs on this season and this gorgeous leather jacket I got for Xmas from Topshop brings it all together.

Scarves and hats are always a great choice to keep warm as well as stylish and layering them over a jacket is effortless. There are some super cute sets available this season and I love that this scarf has pom poms on.

image image

I have been trying to keep my winter make-up look simple this season using Garnier BB cream with concealer to cover any blemishes and a touch of Benefit blusher. I tend to wear a natural colour eye shadow defined with Rimmel liquid liner and for the lips I rely on Kate for Rimmel London lipsticks in red or light pink.

I hope you like my winter looks and stay tuned as I will be posting more outfits over the next few months, what have you been wearing this season? XOXO


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