Get your geek on!

Geek Chic has been evolving over the years and now it is uber stylish to don the thick rimmed glasses, layer your cardi’s over a collared blouse and accessorize everything with a satchell. It is officially cool to be a nerd! Here’s some inspiration:



As you can see this trend generally rocks! But now fashion has gone one step further it’s not enough to dress like a geek it’s now stylish to have it emblazoned on your top . . .

Missguided –

Kaelin Geek Jumper In Khaki Allyson Geek Tee In Grey

£19.99                                              £11.99

Vitaz Neon Pink Geek Sweatshirt  Githa Dip Dye Geek Tee

£14.99                                                    £11.99

Topshop –


£16                                                                          £18                                                   £24

I am loving the geek chic tops and will definitely be getting one!

I like the idea of styling these tops with skinny jeans and either some Vans or Converse, geek chic gone wild, what do you think? XOXO


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