I’m back and I’ve had a blogover!

As you’ve probably seen I haven’t blogged much this year and this is mainly due to moving house at the end of January and then being without internet for about six weeks – damn you BT! When I finally logged on to my blog I felt it was time for something new, I wanted to make my blog a bit fresher and so I’ve updated the layout for a cleaner look and changed the name from My Stylistic Life to Fashion Reveller which I feel better reflects what I write about – my enjoyment of fashion.

I’ve also decided to start a Tumblr blog page under the same name as its a great platform to show some fashion inspiration through images – please take a peek and let me know what you think. There is a link at the top of the blog or click here – http://fashionreveller.tumblr.com . I love looking at other people outfits & street style and using that to inspire my own wardrobe choices so I’ve collated some great Spring / Summer outfit inspiration.

I’m still going to write about fashion, style, trends and beauty but use this blog to go into more depth and my Tumblr page for more images. Over the last few months I’ve done a Carrie Bradshaw and cheated on fashion with furniture, what with moving house and all. Im utterly obsessed with shabby chic so I may slip the odd interior decor post in to. I hope you enjoy the new blog style! XOXO


2 thoughts on “I’m back and I’ve had a blogover!

  1. I just started a new blog, but I had one before that I let fall to the wayside. I am a huge fan of tumblr though. Although it is less formal way of blogging, it is great to use as a pinboard, drawing board, source for discovery, etc. I just followed your link to tumblr and added you! Can’t wait to see more content.

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