Glam Grunge

We all know the nineties is back in a big way and so is grunge, think t-shirts, sneakers, oversized jackets, beanie hats and skinnies. However this time it’s back with a twist, a more polished look. Where you might have worn tatty Converse now you can wear studded ankle boots or heels. You might be wearing just jeans and a t-shirt but with exquisite make-up and sleek hair it’s glam.

The pioneers of this trend include Cara Delevigne, Rita Ora and Mary Kate Olsen here’s some inspiration:





You get the picture, to really glam up the look wear sunglasses and a chic bag. I think this is a great transitional trend between Winter and Summer. You can layer up if it’s still a bit cold but enjoy rocking the new season trends.

I like that it’s a bit rock n roll crossed with off duty model but ultimately effortless chic. I love this look and will definitely be giving it a go. What do you think? XOXO


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