Zebra style – fashion forward or fashion faux pas?

You can’t have lived through the past month without seeing someone rocking a pair of black & white striped trousers, they are literally everywhere. Now Monochrome and the Sixties are both trends that are huge for this Spring / Summer season but are we thinking this particular striped trouser trend is uber stylish or uber Beetlejuice?


Zebra trousers, stylish or scary?

Shown on the runway at Michael Kors this trend has now filtered down through the fashion hierarchy to models, celebrities and now to the street, but I can’t help but question are people wearing these trousers because fashion dictated we should or because they actually think they look good?

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On the chic runway at  Michael Kors the monochrome striped trousers looked great – on the other hand it’s fashion week pretty much anything that goes down that catwalk is deemed the height of fashion. You then see model of the moment Cara Delevigne sporting these striped sensations, she looks great in everything and even makes this trend cool. However the trend meets the celebrity and in particular Miley Cyrus – seriously look at this picture – say no more! Then street style, to be honest the street style picture is my favourite as the styling makes the trousers seem less offensive.

If these trousers had not been deemed ‘trendy’ for this season would so many people be wearing them? I don’t think they would as you don’t tend to wake up and think – I’m going to base my outfit on a zebra crossing today. Don’t get me wrong I love fashion and experimenting with trends but for me there’s a cut off. If I don’t like a particular trend I won’t wear it just because it’s in fashion.

In the images above there are some different styles of trouser with the same stripes, I think the fitted flare trousers are okay but the cropped pants and legging style ones I’m not so keen on. The only pro I can find to this garment is that they lengthen the leg. Overall (as you can probably tell) I’m not really a fan of the zebra style ensemble and I find the tight leggings versions utterly hideous.

I want to know what you think, Zebra style, is it fashion forward or fashion faux pas? XOXO



4 thoughts on “Zebra style – fashion forward or fashion faux pas?

  1. I love black & white stripes. But certainly, if you where b&w striped tights, it’s better to a) find a pair that’s not too tight; b) go for larger stripes; c) have skinny legs. It is unflattering when the vertical stripes are too distorted because of the curves of your legs. The moral of the story is b&w stripes are meant to make impact and there’re only a lucky few who can really pull them off (even though the trend “filters” down to the street).

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