Flowers Flowers Flowers

Floral prints are the hottest thing this Spring fashion season and in true fashion hierarchy style – from the catwalk to the high street, floral prints are everywhere! More than this, the trend for clashing prints and colours makes this look more of statement. I just wanted to post a blog on how some people are rocking this trend for a little bit of fashion inspiration:




As you can see from a few of these images, floral prints are pretty awesome and very reflective of how I feel Summer should look. Bright colours, prints, layers and a little bit of denim thrown in for good measure – what could go wrong? Floral prints a Summer must have!  XOXO



7 thoughts on “Flowers Flowers Flowers

  1. Floral are easily one of my favourite prints, only pipped to the post by tartan really. I love this look and it’s exactly the look I was trying to achieve in my last blog post.

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