To tan or not to tan?

It appears that Summer has finally arrived in the UK (hooray) for me that means I can finally roll out the clothes I have bought in anticipation of this sunny weather. Finally I can wear my fabulous shorts, skirts and dresses without having to worry about whether I’ll need a jacket – some fashion freedom at last! However there is one issue, now that I can expose my skin in all it’s glory it is unfortunately pasty white – the horror. Nothing worse than rocking a beaut Summer outfit whilst looking slightly anaemic which is why I am a fan of having a tan.


The whole tan debate seems to have become quite controversial of late, what with the constant threat of skin cancer and the alternative fake tan option – risking looking like an umpa lumpa, not to mention the orange bed sheets. It is now being discussed that pale is coming back in style with celebrities like Elle Fanning, Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway making waves in the style stakes with their naturally pale beautiful skin. So I have decided to share my view of the subject du jour:

I vote to tan

Au natural: I love the look of my skin slightly bronzed, I look and feel healthier overall for one and there’s something about having a golden glow that gives you that extra bit of confidence like nothing else can. It is recommended that everyone gets 15 minutes of sun a day for their vitamin D intake however in the UK this is not an option, so I believe in taking full advantage when the sun does appear. I feel I should mention that I always take care to protect my fair skin in the sun using sun cream between factors 15 – 30 depending on how hot the weather is.

I find the sun really helps to even out my skin tone and dries up any spots (yes I do still suffer from irritable skin at 25) which is great and it also naturally highlights my hair which saves on the hairdressing bill.

Naturally tanned celebrities


Faking it: I myself am not a great fan of fake tan mainly because I cant be bothered to keep up the routine and hate that the colour comes off on clothes, bed sheets etc. I also don’t really like the obvious fake tan look and the risk of streaks and looking like you have a skin disease when half of it comes off in the shower does not appeal. So during the deep dark Winter months when my skin goes as pale as it could possibly be I use the Dove gradual tan moisturiser which I find helps build a healthy glow and gives a nice sheen to your skin. It isn’t obviously fake as it doesn’t go too dark a colour and is easily exfoliated off in the shower.

Fake tanned celebrities


That is my vote on the tan debate – I will always aspire to achieve a golden glow. I do think the pale look can work but it depends on your skin type; Emma Stone will always look amazing with her naturally beautiful etherial skin but unfortunately I will always just look ill! I’d love to know what you think to tan or not to tan? XOXO


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