Micro trend – Ear cuffs

It seems that ears are having a moment and now is the time to fully embrace them in all their glory by styling them up with studs, cuffs, chains and the like. It was trending on the catwalks for S/S 2013 and now celebrities and everyday folk are embracing their lovely ears, here’s a flavour:

There are such a great range of different styles of ear cuffs now and why not, it’s about time our ears were made to feel special! Here’s some more . . .

As you can see there are many different ways to rock this trend: you can go demure with a simple cuff, all out with jewels and feathers or even tie your ear detailing in with your hair do. Personally I think this is a great was to add an edge to your everyday outfits or really go all out for a special occasion, here’s my pick from the High Street & Internet.

ASOS http://www.asos.com

River Island Cross Dangle Ear Cuff         ASOS Triangle Ear Cuff

£5                                                                                               £18

Some great detailed versions over at ASOS!

Claire’s http://www.claires.co.uk

Feather Ear Cuff  Bird and Feather Chain Ear Cuff Diamante Peace Sign Ear Cuff

 £3.50                                      £5                                                 £5

Claire’s currently have an offer of 3 for 2 on all of their fabulous ear cuffs so stock up quick!

River Island http://www.riverisland.com

White encrusted thorn ear cuff Gold tone feather ear cuff Silver tone tribal patterned ear cuffs pack

     £2                                                   £13                                                            £12

I am totally in to River Island’s ear cuff collection as there is an awesome range of super stylish versions of the ear cuff on offer. I am definitely a fan of this trend and fully intend to cuff up this Summer it’s about time our ears were celebrated! XOXO


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