Paperchase nail art pen review

Whilst in Paperchase the other day I saw that they are now selling nail art pens. I liked the look of the gold pen and thought it was a reasonable price for £4.


So I thought I would have a go at decorating my nails with some cute designs. I started by applying my favourite nail varnish which is the Barry M lilac nail paint available at Boots & Superdrug for £2.99.







So I took the nail art pen and after reading the instructions shook the pen vigorously and pressed it down on some tissue, it took several attempts at this to make any colour come out of the pen. When I attempted to create a design on my nails the most minimal bit of gold came out of the pen and I had to dot several times in the same area to create a decent sized spot of gold.

I found the pen very scratchy and it actually created dents in the existing nail varnish instead of laying on top of the nail varnish as it should. I had a go at drawing a heart on my middle nail which created a large dent, took several minutes to achieve and looks awful.

In order to create a simple design of three dots of gold on each nail it took about half an hour as I had to keep re-shaking the pen between each dot.

Overall I was very disappointed with this nail art pen, it was difficult to use and the results looked terrible. I know that Paperchase is not known for its beauty products however I expected the nail art pen to stand up to the quality of their stationary and other craft products which I love. XOXO


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