Brightly coloured hair – to dye for or not?

Over the last year there have been several coloured hair trends with 2012 seeing lots of pale pinks and purples and then the more natural colours done in an ombre fashion over Winter and now it seems pretty much anything goes. I have had most ‘natural’ colours in my hair ranging from white blonde all the way through to black – since then I have grown out my actual natural colour which is a dark blonde shade but have never really experimented with other colours. So I thought I’d do a blog to see what you all think – brightly coloured hair – to dye for or not?


When it comes to hair styles and colour we all tend to look to celebrities to see how well they pull them off and if you’re anything like me, take in a pic from a magazine to show your hairdresser exactly what you want. Here are a few of the most coveted colours on celebs.

Perrie Edwards


I actually love Perries hair in the pink ombre and the lilac looks amazing!

Celebrities sporting the controversial grey hair


I’m not totally sure about this one although I do think it suits Kelly Osbourne.

Fearne Cotton rocking pink


Fearne cotton often switches between her blonde and pink tresses.

There are quite a few ‘coloured looks’ which I’m not keen on which are multi – coloured hair, green shades and brown roots ick!


I think these looks are just terrible.

Overall I like the pale pastel shades of pink and purple but think they only really work well if you have naturally light blonde hair. For now I’m going to stick with my natural colour, what do you think brightly coloured hair to dye for or not? XOXO


4 thoughts on “Brightly coloured hair – to dye for or not?

  1. Love this article!
    You should be on the watch for new temporary vibrant tones (even in the lilac family) coming soon from Redken! I’ve also seen hair chalks which can be pretty fun without risking staining the hair.
    Cheers to silly trends and not taking ourselves too seriously!

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