New Look Fairy Tales: Take me to the ball

Since being a little girl I wanted to be a princess just like Cinderella, get invited to the ball and meet my very own Prince Charming (luckily I now have). There’s something utterly romantic about getting dressed up for a formal occasion whether it be a ball, a school prom, a wedding or a party. I mean properly dressed up where you get your hair and nails done and your shoes and bag match the all important dress – it all circles around the dress! I thought I’d do a fairy tale inspiration post on sublime ball dresses perfect for your formal occasions. Speaking of Cinderella I love the below picture; comparing the wedding outfits to Royal Wedding – amazing how they match!

In order to create your perfect ensemble to meet your Prince Charming you need a great dress. New Look currently has a great range of ball gowns and prom dresses to choose from. Here are my favourites:

New Look Ball Gown Wishlist

Winter White (Cream) Cream Embellished Waist Strappy Prom Dress | 289660112 | New Look2  Purple (Purple) Purple Embellished Cut Out One Shoulder Prom Dress | 286795150 | New Look

Navy (Blue) Navy Embellished Waist Sleeveless Maxi Prom Dress | 286830941 | New Look 4 Mink (Brown) Mink and Black Embellished One Shoulder Prom Dress | 286787323 | New Look

Black Pattern (Black) Black and Cream Embellished Strapless Maxi Prom Dress  | 286789109 | New Look 6 Blue (Blue) Blue Embellished Bandeau Maxi Prom Dress  | 275760040 | New Look

1) Cream embellished waist strappy prom dress £44.99

2) Purple embellished cut out one shoulder prom dress £44.99

3) Navy embellished waist maxi ball gown £54.99

4) Mink and black embellished one shoulder prom dress £44.99

5) Black and cream strapless embellished maxi ball gown £54.99

6) Blue embellished bandeau maxi ball gown now only £35

I totally love all of these dresses, they are just perfect for the ball, school prom or wedding outfits. The advantage of stocking up on a few dresses now means you’ll have loads to choose from for the up and coming party season. (I know Xmas is ages away but it always comes round quick!) I always think stocking up on clothes ahead of season is like shopping insurance because once you get to your occasions you’ll have a plethora of choices and won’t need to spend more money. See all of these choices and more on the New Look website, several dresses are in the sale so you can also get a great bargain!

Indulge your fairy tale fantasy and get your perfect ball gown today, I hope you all find your Prince Charming! XOXO


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