A week for wellies!

With the current weather in England I think we’re going to have buy a years supply of umbrellas and rain coats, the endless rain, flooding and wind has been relentless but there’s an upside – it’s the perfect excuse to bust out the wellies! They are really great in the way that they immediately take you back to childhood – cue memories of jumping in puddles!

Today wellies don’t have to be a dreary excuse for waterproof footwear they can become a chic part of your ensemble, especially with high end brands such as Hunters! I mean you wouldn’t consider going to Glastonbury without them would you? So to inspire all you fashionista’s how to work wellies into your everyday wardrobes here’s some inspiration:

Here’s how the fabulously famous do it . . .

Hunters seem to be the wellies of choice for most savvy dressers so here’s a link to the website to peruse the styles further – they also do some super cute colours! http://www.hunter-boot.com

So that’s how to do it! Wet, wild and windy will you be wearing wellies this season?



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