Pregnancy Update: Week 13 & 14

Hello I hope you’re all well, I’ve decided to do a joint post for weeks 13 & 14 as I was blogging a week behind so this should bring me up to date


I hope you’ve had a good week, the last two have been very busy and hormonal!

How far along?

I’m now 14 weeks eek!

Total weight gain?

I weighed myself the other day and think that so far I’ve just put on a few pounds.

Maternity Clothes?

On week 13 I started having to wear my trousers and jeans with the top button undone and it’s been quite uncomfortable, so I bought some black skinny maternity jeans from H&M. I have to say finding maternity clothes on the High Street is really hard. Even in Topshop they only have like one tiny rail of clothes which are quite expensive, places like Dorothy Perkins and New Look which seem to have a lot of choice online have nothing in store so I ended up in H&M who had the biggest range.

I have to say though that the maternity corner in the baby section (dangerous as I just wanted to buy all of the baby clothes) was like the grimmest part of the store. An organised pile of large plain t-shirts and folded bootcut jeans with the large stretchy band that goes over the bump – erm no thank you! Luckily when going through a rail of black trousers I finally found a pair of relatively normal black skinny jeans with a stretchy panel at the front of the waist. I got my normal size 8 and they fit lovely. I was so relieved to actually find something I would wear, I can tell as I get bigger maternity shopping is going to be hard – will probably do a separate blog on this.

Stretch marks?

Still no stretch marks – yay! I’m still lathering on the Palmers cocoa butter cream and I also got a Mum & Me sample of bump cream in my Mum to Be Bounty pack so I’ll be trying that too. I found out as well that my mum only got two stretch marks from having three children, which is amazing as apparently stretch marks are genetic, so if your mum got loads then you will too. I think I can probably live with two – still fingers crossed!

Sleep or no sleep?

After having problems with waking up in the night feeling uncomfortable and generally getting no sleep I decided to order a maternity pillow which has helped loads. I ordered it off Amazon and so far it’s worked really well – I’ll do separate blog on this too.

Also this weekend I actually managed to sleep in which hasn’t happened in weeks – feels so good to get some proper rest.

Best Moment this week?

The best moment for Week 13 was of course our scan, seeing our baby for the first time was just the best feeling in the world and having the relief that everything was okay. After having the scan we then were able to tell everyone about the pregnancy and it was lovely seeing how many people were happy for us and the amount of love and support was overwhelming.

I literally floated through Week 13 on a baby high! Week 14 not a whole lot has happened but I did get my date for the next scan where we find out if it a baby girl or boy – I literally cannot wait!

Miss anything?

I really fancied a large glass of cold Rose this week after work, I know some people still drink the odd glass here or there in pregnancy but I’ve decided not to drink at all as 1) it’s better for the baby and 2) if I have one glass I’ll probably want more. I’ve also missed cream cheese, smoked salmon and still dippy eggs and soldiers :-(.

Any Movement?

I’ve had a few sensations in my tummy after I’ve eaten a meal where it sort of feels like popcorn popping in my tummy which I’ve looked up and it could be the baby’s movements. I’ve read that if you are quite petite then you can feel movements earlier than the usual 15 – 20 weeks.

Food Cravings?

Still Rice Krispie Squares and I feel like I could eat chips and chocolate all day – I’m not by the way but I do crave chips everyday and have a really sweet tooth at the moment – which someone told me means it’s a boy so we’ll wait and see.

Anything making you feel sick?

Any kind of bad smell makes me feel sick and I’ve still been having morning sickness every few days. It’s got better in that it’s now not everyday but I’m still waiting for it stop – please let it stop! Worst moment last week was being sick at work and having to lie under my desk to compose myself! Oh dear that sounds awful!


Still don’t know yet but we’re going to find out at the 20 week scan – I have a feeling it may be a boy and I’m very drawn to little boy clothes at the moment. I have no preference whether it’s a boy or a girl but I want to find out asap – there’s so much shopping to do!


Still having morning sickness 😦 and my tiredness is still quite bad. Everyone keeps saying in the second trimester you’ll get your energy back and feel amazing but I’m still not there yet.

This week I’ve also had really bad skin which has got me a bit down, I keep coming out in spots so lots of cleansing and spot cream has been used in an attempt to save my face.

To other pregnant women or mummys it a myth that you’re meant to glow when you’re pregnant? I just feel exhausted and the closest thing to glowing has been the sweating from being sick (how glamorous!) – I’m sure it’s a lie.

Belly button in or out?


Feeling happy or hormonal?

Generally I’ve been really happy and Week 13 I felt like I was on cloud 9, Week 14 I’ve felt more irritable especially at work and one day I just burst into tears for no reason really and had a little cry at my desk – damn hormones!

Looking forward to?

Next week I’ve got a midwife appointment and get to listen to the baby’s heartbeat so I’m really looking forward to that.

Bump watch

I don’t really feel like my bump has got much bigger since Week 12 it’s about the same size. You can notice my tiny bump in clothes now and a few people have pointed it out – not sure if I just look a bit fat though haha.


As you can see in the picture you can make out the outline of little Bumphrey no massive change yet which is good as it means I can stay in my clothes longer!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Week 13 & 14 Pregnancy update, please feel free to send me any advice or links especially if you’re blogging your pregnancy too.



6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 13 & 14

  1. Reblogged this on Raising Philly and commented:
    CONGRATULATIONS LOVE !! A baby is such a blessing !! If I find any cheaper but stylish alternatives I will comment the sites for u !! If you’d like. You’re a beautiful pregnant woman btw !! And keep on rubbing the cocoa butter on , trust me, it really helps reduced the risk of getting stretched marks. There’s a part of my belly that I didn’t rub the cocoa butter on and the stretch marks are so dark in that section, but on the rest of my stomach it’s clear and smooth . 😦

  2. I found the same re maternity clothes on the high street – not much choice and pricey considering you’ll only get 5ish months wear out of them. I’ve got a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and I’m just buying tops and dresses in a size 14 and they fit well (I’m 20 weeks). Maternity pillow – good tip, thanks! Jx

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m definitely thinking of just buying clothes I like in bigger sizes as you really don’t get that much wear out of them. I absolutely recommend a maternity pillow! XOXO

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