Pregnancy Update: Week 15

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great week I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to work out what I’m going to wear as my bump gets bigger this week. People are definitely noticing my growing tummy now and it’s become quite obvious that I’m pregnant – or people think I’ve piled on the pounds! Here’s the update for this week . . .


How far along?

15 weeks – since the scan it feels like time is flying by!

Total weight gain?

I think it still a few pounds I’m not too sure as I can’t be bothered to weigh myself all the time. Although this week I have felt fuller in my tummy and more aware that there’s a baby in there (obviously I know he or she is there), I just feel heavier in a way it’s difficult to explain.

Maternity Clothes?

After perusing the shops to find practically nothing I’ve put maternity shopping on hold until my bump is bigger and I really need actual maternity clothes. This week I did have a look online at ASOS and found they have the best range of maternity with clothes you would actually want to wear so I will deffo be investing in some pieces when I’m bigger.

At the moment I’ve just brought some long stretchy vests to wear with my maternity jeans and jeggings – which I can still get in as they’re so stretchy! Worn with a jacket or cardigan and ankle boots. I quite like this look as it works for office wear as well as casual wear and should hopefully see me through the next few months. I did invest in a white blazer last week – the sun was shining and I wanted a piece of Spring wear! I bought it in a size 12 to allow growing room and I totally love it. It’s from H&M and was £24.99 which I thought was quite good for a key wardrobe piece.

Stretch marks?

I do feel like my tummy is starting to grow more over the last week but still no stretch marks yay! Of course I’m still practically bathing in the cocoa butter so fingers crossed it works.

Sleep or no sleep?

I’ve actually been finding sleeping better of late especially with my maternity pillows, I think I feel so tired from working that by bedtime I just snooze right off. I do have to say that since being pregnant I find myself having really vivid dreams which are very realistic – anyone else had this?

Best Moment this week?

I had my midwife appointment this week where they check blood test results,  blood pressure and have a listen to the baby’s heartbeat which was lovely. They use a dobbler and press down on your lower tummy and then all of a sudden you can hear the heart beating. It didn’t sound like I expected like the boom boom sort of noise it was really fast and kind of sounded like a train. It made it all real again and reminded me there’s a teeny tiny person growing in my tummy which is just amazing.

Miss anything?

This week I really feel like I’ve missed everything that I can’t have, especially leaving work with the glorious sunshine last week just made me want to sit in a pub garden with a large glass of rose. I really miss having hot baths to help with the aches and pains and being able to take proper painkillers for headaches and back pain. Still it’s only for another six months and it’ll all be worth it.

Any Movement?

I’ve been feeling little sensations like flutters and bubbles in my tummy which can be the first kinds of movement that you feel, it normally happens when I’m quite still doing my make-up in the morning or after I’ve eaten a meal.

Food Cravings?

Chips, chocolate, donuts, rice krispie squares and salted popcorn – I just want to clarify that I’m still eating quite a healthy balanced diet with fruit and veg but just having these little treats in-between. My appetite has definitely increased this week and I’ll eat a meal and then 30 minutes later be hungry again its crazy. I feel that if I do eat everytime I’m hungry I will be so fat.

Anything making you feel sick?

Just the same sort things bad smells, bins, coffee but the sickness seems to be slowing down so it’s slowly improving.


We don’t know yet but we’re really looking forward to our 20 week scan in April where we will hopefully find out.


Morning sickness is slightly improving each week and with my increased appetite I’m more into food again which is good. I’ve had a really awful time with spots this week coming up all over my chin and around my mouth. It’s horrible they are like lumps under the skin that just won’t go away and makes me feel horrible too – I’m really hoping this improves soon.

I’ve had a bit of back pain and ligament stretching pains where I think my tummy is expanding and everything inside is moving around trying to make room for baby.

The nicer things this week are that my bump seems to have got slightly bigger and I love seeing it grow, also my boobs are getting bigger which is great!

Belly button in or out?


Feeling happy or hormonal?

Despite some of the symptoms I’m feeling really good and like I’m embracing my pregnancy more, hearing the heart beat at the midwife appointment was so lovely and now my bump is growing more I like the comfort of rubbing my tummy knowing baby is in there.

Looking forward to?

Next week we’re having some new bedroom furniture delivered so we can start clearing our spare room and think about turning it into a nursery eek! I’ve already been looking on Pintrest for ideas.

Bump watch

I feel like my bump has definitely grown this week and is sticking outward more which I love. It’s nice to have that reminder when see bump in the mirror as you seem to go for so long with the early pregnancy symptoms but have nothing to show. Now I’m starting to show I’m loving it. This was my outfit on Saturday for lunch out with the girls, am totally loving the long stretchy vests and my new white blazer jacket.

20140311-115749.jpg 20140311-115735.jpg 20140311-115801.jpg

I hope you enjoyed reading my 15 week update and as always please let me know if you have any handy tips or if you are blogging your pregnancy too.



6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 15

  1. I must say it is almost comical for me to see your bump pictures and realize that we are about the same size and i am 10 weeks further along than you are. Lol. I think your bump is super cute though. My advice for clothing is to get a bunch of the colored spaghetti strap tank tops and some open cardigans for now and some baby-doll tops as well. That is what I have been using. The only clothing I have actually bought was some maternity pants. Good luck!

    • Oh dear that probably means I’m going to be huge! Thanks that’s sort of what I’m going for seems the only way forward, thank you and congrats on your pregnancy too! XOXO

      • Yeah. Clothing styles are limited for pregnant people. Lol. And I think the bigger bumps are super cute! i am actually jealous of all my friends that got the really big pregnancy bump. I wish I was getting one. My doctor says I will prob stay small due to the fact I was a jogger and longboarder before getting pregnant so my muscles are extremely tight. Maybe with the next one I will get a big bump! Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

      • At least you won’t have as much weight to lose after or tone back up too much which is always good :-). I really don’t mind either way I would like to have one of each and this a our first, how about you? XOXO

      • We really wanted a girl but now that we are having a boy we couldn’t be more excited. We hope to have more and hope that it is at least one of each.

  2. Hi Penny, I’m only a couple of weeks ahead of you! Love the outfit and that pillow sounds great. I think it’s the same one Hannah Maggs used too. I’ve got the Dreamgenii but wish I’d gone with Hannah’s advice as the Carla pack is getting rave reviews everywhere. Congrats on the pregnancy and keep blogging. x

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