Review: Carla Nougat Maternity Pillow

One of the things about being pregnant is all of a sudden everything begins to ache and generally feel uncomfortable which can make sleeping all that harder. I have a bit of back trouble anyway and being pregnant makes it worse,  also with your tummy expanding it feels very strange and can be uncomfortable to sleep in the positions that you’re used to. So I decided to invest in a maternity pillow and after some deliberation decided on the Carla Nougat essential pregnancy support pack . . .


The v shaped pillow can be used to sit up against, sleep on, tuck around your bump or shoulders and back, and also when the baby arrives it can be used as a support when feeding or to prop baby up against. So far I have found the pillow really comfortable and use it squidge up against when going to sleep.


The wedge pillow – the wedge is genius! This is my favourite part of the pregnancy support pack as it provides so much comfort whether it is tucked under my tummy or under my back. It gives that little bit of support in those area’s which feel most uncomfortable and are under the most strain during pregnancy.


There are a lot of maternity pillow options out there and I would definitely recommend this one as not only does it provide comfort, sleep and rest is so important when you’re pregnant and if you can get something that’s going to help then it’s worth it. Also it’s quite pretty, most options are plain white but I like that it has a pattern and is also available in red with polka dots.

The Carla Nougat Pregnancy Support Pack is available on Amazon currently for £24 please see the link below

Hope you enjoyed my review please let me know if you have any recommendations.



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