Pregnancy update: Week 16

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week, I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by I’m actually 17 weeks now – my blogging is slightly behind! I’m now four months pregnant and loving it, here’s the update for the week . . .


How far along?

16 weeks – I’m now 4 months eek!

Total weight gain?

I’m so rubbish I still haven’t properly weighed myself but my tummy is starting to feel heavier so baby must be growing! I’ll try and actually weigh myself for next weeks post.

Maternity Clothes?

I haven’t bought any new clothes this week but have just been trying to figure out what I can still wear from my wardrobe with either long vest tops underneath or with long cardi’s or blazers. I’m still getting in my skinny jeggings which I’m so happy about but don’t think I will for much longer. I’ll have to invest in some maternity ones once bumphrey really pops. I’m trying to stay a bit glam with my big tote bag and my oversized sunnies and am loving this sunny weather.

Stretch marks?

No stretch marks yet – woo hoo!

Sleep or no sleep?

I’m sleeping really well at the moment and hate having to get up in the morning for work.  Even at weekends when I have the chance I can’t seem to lie in which is very annoying.

Best Moment this week?

I’m slowly starting to feel less tired and exhausted and less sick so hopefully this will continue and I’ll start to feel a bit normal again. There’s not been any particular moment this week but we got our new bedroom furniture delivered and spent all day and night Saturday building it which means we can start clearing our spare room for the nursery.

Miss anything?

I really fancied ham egg and chips with a runny egg the other day  which I can’t have and still missing having wine every now and then.

Any Movement?

I’ve been more aware of the flutters and feelings like bubbles popping in my lower tummy which is lovely as I think of little bumphrey moving away in there. I just can’t wait to feel the first proper kick which should only be a few weeks away now.

Food Cravings?

This week I’ve been wanting to eat really healthy and trying to make sure I’m having a balanced diet. My appetite is really increasing each day and I still have a sweet tooth and have been craving chocolate quite a lot.

Anything making you feel sick?

My queeziness has subsided a bit and my sickness has really slowed down which is great I just hope it stays like this. Smells haven’t been too bad this week.


Not sure yet but our next scan is getting closer so excited! I keep dreaming that it’s a boy but we don’t mind either way.


Morning sickness has definitely improved and with my increased appetite I’m eating loads. My skin is starting to improve and I’m trying to wear less make up to help it clear and have been using Liz Earl skin boosting tonic which is great.

I’ve had less ligament stretching pain and my back isn’t too bad.

My bump is still growing each week and is starting to get rounder in shape and I love seeing it change and grow it’s amazing.

Belly button in or out?


Feeling happy or hormonal?

I’m still feeling good and happy at the moment and just embracing being pregnant.

Looking forward to?

At the moment I’m just thinking of planning the spare room for when baby’s here and all the bit’s we need to get, it’ll be easier when we know if it’s a boy or girl for colour schemes and all the little bits.

Bump watch

My tummy is definitely growing outwards more especially round my belly button, it seems bigger in the evenings and baby is meant to grow quite a lot over the next few weeks so I’m expecting a little bump growth spurt soon.

 20140319-184735.jpg 20140319-184716.jpg


I hope you enjoyed reading my 16 week update and as always please let me know if you have any handy tips or if you are blogging your pregnancy too.



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