Pregnancy Update: Week 17

Hi everyone I hope you’re well, I can’t believe I’m at week 17 already time is just flying by. I’ve definitely been feeling better and have more of a spring in my step. Here’s my 17 week update …


How far along?

17 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

4-5 pounds

Maternity Clothes?

I still haven’t bought anymore clothes and am stretching out my normal clothes more as bump is growing.

Stretch marks?

No stretch marks yet – woo hoo! Still using the cocoa butter everyday.

Sleep or no sleep?

I’m still sleeping well at the moment and trying to make the most of it.

Best Moment this week?

I’ve been feeling the baby move more, no proper kicks yet but definitely stronger movements and flutterings. I’m more aware of feeling baby in my tummy especially if I need to bend down to my shoes on.

Miss anything?

Alcohol, smoked salmon, runny eggs everything that I can’t have.

Any Movement?

I’ve been more aware of the flutters and feelings like bubbles popping in my lower tummy which is lovely as I think of little bumphrey moving away in there. I just can’t wait to feel the first proper kick which should only be a few weeks away now.

Food Cravings?

This week I’ve really been craving milk and milkshakes which I think is quite a good thing as it’s good for your teeth and bones. I’ve also been craving fruit and in particular mango.

Anything making you feel sick?

Not anymore than normal, my sickness is generally about once or twice a week in the morning then I’m fine.


We don’t know yet but will find out in a few weeks.


I’ve been feeling less tired and exhausted overall which is great and I’m generally more motivated to be more active. By the evenings I do feel tired though.

I get a bit of backache if I’m standing or sat in one position for a long time and feel like my hips are moving, mainly having just general aches and pains where everything is moving around making room for baby.

My skin is still not good so I can’t wait for that to clear up.

Belly button in or out?


Feeling happy or hormonal?

I’m still feeling upbeat and happy at the moment and just embracing being pregnant.

Looking forward to?

I’m just waiting for our next scan to come round now, I can’t wait to see baby again and find out if it’s a little boy Douglas or little girl Douglas eek!

Bump watch

My tummy is starting to get a bit rounder at the front and slowly poking out more, my clothes are stretching a little more each week. So here’s bumphrey for Week 17 .  .  .

20140326-185032.jpg 20140326-185137.jpg

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 17 Week update and as always feel free to leave me any comments, advice or useful links.



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