Maternity Fashion – Sienna Miller

I’ve recently been looking at celebrity maternity style and came across a picture at the weekend of Sienna when she was pregnant and I’ve always loved her boho style, so thought she would be a good celebrity to look to for a little fashion inspiration.

I love how Sienna wears a variety of looks and nothing actually looks like classic ‘maternity’ wear. I also love how she re-wears her Isabel Marant ankle boots with various outfits, the low heel gives a little height and emphasis on posture without causing a strain.

The lace dress with the coat is the perfect dressy maternity attire for an event and I may look at a dress like this for an upcoming wedding I have this Summer.

Sienna adds that extra style to her outfits with accessories and I do love a hat and sunglasses in the Summer so I’ll be trying this to add an edge to my maternity wardrobe.

What do you think of her look?



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