Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21 & 22

Hi Guys, I hope you’re all well, I haven’t been able to blog much due to issues with my laptop and WordPress so this is another combined post to bring you up to date with how Bumphrey has been getting on, so here’s the latest . . .


How far along?

22 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

I’m still teetering around the stone mark on the weight gain which I think is the most weight I’ve ever gained especially so fast so I’m hoping it’s all baby!

Maternity Clothes?

My bump has really popped now and a lot of my clothes especially tops no longer fit so on Easter weekend my friend and I hit Primark at Lakeside to stock up on some new clothes. I found they actually had a maternity section, all be it on one rail but I managed to pick up two long t-shirt’s and two dresses which are perfect for work and going out to dinner. I also stocked up on on elastic waist printed hareem trousers which are going to be a key part of  my maternity look. They are comfortable, lightweight and stylish so hopefully will get me through Summer.

Stretch marks?

Still no stretch marks – hooray! I’m definitely starting to worry more about marks appearing now that bump is growing quicker so I’m lathering on the cocoa butter stretch mark cream everyday.

Sleep or no sleep?

Sleep has been good although I do wake up several times during the night.

Best Moment this week?

Well I think the best moment over the last 2 weeks is that baby has started kicking which is amazing! I can feel his little feet kicking out into the sides of my tummy and I love it, I find it really comforting to feel little Bumphrey moving about and all the movements have got stronger over the last week.

Also I took a trip to Kiddicare at Lakeside and finally found the pram I like in store to test out and have decided to go for it. I walked it round,  it’s very light and I practised attaching the different bits. It’s the Hauck Apollo all in one travel system and comes with a car seat, carry cot, pram, rain cover and changing bag.

Miss anything?

I went out for drinks for a friends birthday the other night and I couldn’t drink but I don’t really mind as it’s not for much longer and obviously it’s for the best reason :-).

Any Movement?

Yes- so much movement! So excited that my baby boy has properly started kicking and I feel him moving about so much more now.

Food Cravings?

Still the same foods really, mango, cereal bars, chips and chocolate.

Anything making you feel sick?

Nothing has really made me feel queezy the last few weeks – hopefully this will stay.




Tiredness has still improved during the day but generally feeling quite tired by the evening.

Backache is getting worse and bending down to get things is becoming harder as baby’s growing bigger.

I’m still getting a lot of light headedness especially if I stand up too fast or am being quite active.

Belly button in or out?

In – although it’s stretching :-/

Feeling happy or hormonal?

Feeling very happy and content.

Looking forward to?

I’m really enjoying making plans for baby’s room and getting all the little bits for when he arrives. Yes I have done lots of baby shopping!

Bump watch

 Bump is still growing and I feel the last few weeks bump has really popped out at the front so here’s bump for Week 22 . . .



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my pregnancy update for weeks 21 & 22 and as always please feel free to leave any comments or helpful links.



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