Pregnancy Update: Week 23

Hi guys, I can’t believe how quickly the weeks seem to be going lately I’m actually already 24 weeks writing this post late! So here’s the latest from me and bump …


How far along?

23 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

I’ve gained a stone and and a few pounds so far with my pregnancy but I think it’s all with the placenta, baby and amniotic fluids!

Maternity Clothes?

Since my last post I haven’t bought any more clothes but my normal clothes which I wear to work and have been stretching out a bit are starting to become too tight and the dresses which I normally wear are becoming a bit short at the front where Bumphrey is taking up more room. All tops now need to be stretchy and I’m definitely heading towards needing more actual maternity clothes.

Stretch marks?

No 🙂 still no stretch marks! Apparently the baby and I am due to put on more weight and get bigger over the next few weeks and this is the time where you start to get stretch marks so I’m keeping a close eye on this and smothering my tummy, sides, thighs and boobs with the cocoa butter.

Sleep or no sleep?

Sleep hasn’t been as good lately, baby is moving more and I’m feeling generally more uncomfortable at night which is waking me up through the night, as well as having to get up to visit the bathroom. If I don’t get a good nights sleep I normally need a little power nap when I get home from work.

Best Moment this week?

This week we really started to sort out Bumphrey’s room and we painted two of the walls a duck egg blue colour, the other two walls are white. So it feels more like we are getting organised for our little ones arrival – eeek so exciting!

Miss anything?

Work has been quite stressful lately and I do miss being able to have a glass of wine to relax when I get home, I’ve also been missing being able to have some cheeses like brie and pate too.

Any Movement?

Bumphrey is moving like crazy at the moment and his little kicks are getting stronger each week. He definitely likes a little wriggle round after I’ve eaten and when I sit or lie down in the evening he tends to become more active. I love feeling him moving around and when he does a big movement you can now see my tummy move which is so weird.

Food Cravings?

I am totally obsessed with chocolate croissants at the moment, it’s something about the texture of the pastry and obviously the chocolate which is so delicious. I like to warm them up and eat with a cup of tea – I can’t explain it, it’s just so good!

Anything making you feel sick?

No luckily I’m still feeling good sick wise at the moment, nothing is making me feel queezy.




Tiredness comes and goes depending on how well I’m sleeping at night.

Backache is the main bad symptom at the moment I generally have a constant dull ache in my lower back and pains on one side which tend to shoot down into my thigh. It’s the worst thing as you can’t take any painkillers that’ll help so I’m using heat compresses and doing my pregnancy yoga but they only help for a short amount of time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I still feel light headed when I sit or stand up too quick.

Generally getting up from sitting or bending down to get things is becoming more and more difficult as Bumphrey is growing. I’m definitely starting to feel heavier and am slowing down a bit.

Belly button in or out?

It’s starting to move outwards as bump is getting bigger.

Feeling happy or hormonal?

Feeling very happy and content.

Looking forward to?

I’m still excited about getting everything sorted in baby’s room as it’s slow progress each weekend so I’m looking forward to that being done. I’m enjoying any time being at home at the moment and think my nesting instinct is kicking in early.

Bump watch

I do feel like my bump is growing loads at the moment and very much sticking out at the front. So here’s Bumphrey for week 23 in one of my maternity tops . . .


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Week 23 update and as always please feel free to leave any comment or links.



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