Pregnancy Update: Week 26

I know I say this in every post but the weeks are just flying by! I feel like it’s not going to be long now before Bumphrey is here it’s so exciting! Here’s the update for week 26 . . .


How far along?

26 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

I’ve not checked this week but I know it’s over a stone, apparently you start gaining a pound a week from now on OMG!

Maternity Clothes?

I’ve pretty much given up with clothes now if it’s stretchy and it fits then great, bump is growing so quickly that items which were just about fitting are now showing a bit of belly which is a look I will not condone. The other day I actually wore an outfit resembling pj’s to work.

Stretch marks?

No – hoorah! I’m really worried they are going to appear now as bump is growing so much – fingers crossed.

Sleep or no sleep?

Sleep is up and down, I’ll have a few nights of disturbed sleep waking up a few times and not being able to get back to sleep which is frustrating and then I’ll have a few nights where I can go all the way through. Bumphrey does tend to wake up when I go to bed so it’s probably a sign of things to come when he’s here. I’m secretly hoping he’ll take after his parents as we both love sleep!

Best Moment this week?

This week my brother very kindly bought down Bumphrey’s cot and a beautiful chest of drawers which he used with my nephew who is now three and has grown out of. It was really nice to see him and my gorgeous little nephew Jonny. We got loads of really handy little bits and now Bumphrey’s room is really coming together eeek!

Miss anything?

Not missing anything new mainly just alcohol – I’m really not a big drinker I promise I just miss being able to have a glass of wine here and there.

Any Movement?

Yes Bumphrey is being a wriggly boo at the moment lots of kicking and hiccuping. He’s definitely getting bigger and he keeps trying to move into my ribs which is really uncomfortable.

Food Cravings?

Fruit and chocolate – that makes for a healthy balance right?

Anything making you feel sick?





Sleep has been disturbed so I get quite tired after going to work and generally just feel uncomfortable.

Backache has improved from the previous few weeks but can come on quite quickly depending on what I’m doing, staying active is helping so I just judge it day by day at the moment.

Leg cramps are still happening sometimes at night.

This week when at work I experienced these really sharp tightening pains across my tummy which was worrying and felt really uncomfortable like my tummy was going to burst. I called the midwife and she advised it was most probably braxton hicks contractions where the uterus practices contracting for labour. Luckily after resting at home in the evening they seemed to subside. Has anyone else had this?

Overall I’m starting to feel heavier especially when out and about walking which I know is only going to get worse over the next few months as baby puts on more weight – hopefully he won’t be too big.

Belly button in or out?

Half in and half out.

Feeling happy or hormonal?

Still feeling very happy.

Looking forward to?

This week we booked a 4D scan for a few weeks time, we don’t have anymore scans with the NHS and I really want to see what Bumphrey looks like and make sure he’s developing okay, so I cannot wait for that to come round.

Bump watch

Bump is really growing at the moment and I’m having to wear my actual maternity clothes more as they have extra space, I definitely think he’s moving up higher in my tummy as bump is sticking up and out more. So here is the bump for week 26 . . .



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my pregnancy update for week 26 and as always please feel free to leave any comments or links.



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