Pregnancy Update: Weeks 29 & 30

I can’t believe I’m now in the last ten weeks of pregnancy it has gone so quick! Here’s my update for weeks 29 & 30 . . .


How far along?

30 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

I have well and truly gained 2 stone!

Maternity Clothes?

I haven’t bought any new clothes but even my stretchy ones are coming up short on my bump so if it gets bigger again I may have to get some longer tops.

Stretch marks?

Still no stretch marks – woohoo!

Sleep or no sleep?

My sleep has been really disturbed over the last week due to really severe indigestion and sickness and trying to get back to sleep afterwards has been awful. I’ve been coming home from work and going to sleep and trying to get early nights.

Best Moment this week?

We went for a 4D baby bond scan and it was the most amazing experience. I couldn’t believe how clear the scan was and it was amazing to see our gorgeous baby boy and what he looks like. You could see how he was lying and I could have stayed there all day watching him. I’m now really looking forward to Bumphrey arriving. Here’s a picture from the scan . . .

Photo: Such an amazing experience seeing our gorgeous baby boy at the 4d scan

Jay also built the pram this week which was great and now we keep looking at it imagining pushing little Bumphrey round when he arrives. I love it!

Miss anything?

I miss being comfortable and being able to eat whatever I want.

Any Movement?

Loads of movement which is now really strong, where he has got bigger there’s much less room in there.

Food Cravings?

Over the last week I’ve really craved ice which is the first kind of odd thing that I’ve fancied. I spent a whole afternoon trying to find out where I could get a slush puppy and ended up in Subway filling up one of their re-fillable drink cups with ice and then just having a bit of lemonde over the top for some flavour. I can’t explain it but there’s something about the texture and the refreshing taste of it that I love.

Anything making you feel sick?

I’ve had a lot of sickness 😦




Heartburn / Indigestion – this has suddenly become really bad and has woken me up at night where I’ve been sick and I now feel terrible if I have a big meal. So I’m trying to eat small and often and I’m on Rennies before bed.

Backache has been bad where the baby keeps moving and lying on my nerves.

My ankles have started to swell with recent hot weather so I keep having to lie with my feet up high. I’m dreading this getting worse as I get bigger and as the weather gets hotter.

Belly button in or out?

Still half in and half out.

Feeling happy or hormonal?

For the first time I’ve felt really tired and a bit fed up – I know my second trimester energy has now gone which is annoying. But it’s exciting to think that I’m now on the last stretch.

Looking forward to?

Right now I’m looking forward to this weekend where I can have a lie in and just get some rest, I’ve got 5 weeks left at work until my maternity leave and I cannot wait!

Bump watch

Over the last two weeks I’m sure that Bumphrey has grown at least 100% he now feels so big and very squished in, I’m definitely wondering what he weighs as I feel very heavy. So here’s the bump for week 30 . . .


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Pregnancy Update for weeks 29 & 30.



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