Pregnancy Update: Week 31

Bumphrey is growing like crazy and I feel like I can’t get any bigger! Here’s what’s been happening this week . . .


How far along?

31 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

Still around 2 stone!

Maternity Clothes?

Everything is stretchy, dresses are now tops and my bump is busting out of all of my actual tops!

Stretch marks?

Still no stretch marks – woohoo!

Sleep or no sleep?

I’ve actually been able to sleep okay over the last week, I think being so tired by the end of the day I just pass out.

Best Moment this week?

I went to a baby show and an expectant mothers event at Mothercare which was good to make sure we got those last few essential bits like a baby medical kit. We also got a few little freebies.

I’ve started sorting out all of the clothes that we’ve bought and been donated and I did two wash loads of just white bits – there’s so many! It was so cute seeing all these tiny vests and baby grows hanging up.


Also we got the moses basket this week which is just adorable!

Miss anything?

I miss being able to move like a normal person 😦 and get anywhere quickly.

Any Movement?

Little Bumphrey is moving a lot but where he now has less space its more elbows and knees sticking out rather than lots of kicks.

Food Cravings?

Ice, icy drinks, ice pops – I’m obsessed!

Anything making you feel sick?

No, my sickness has definitely improved since last week.




Heartburn / Indigestion – this has got slightly better since last week but still experiencing a lot of heartburn during the night.

The baby keeps try to move up into my ribs and it’s so uncomfortable to sit or lie down.

My ankles and feet are swelling up frequently now but they still go back down which is a relief.

Belly button in or out?

Still half in and half out.

Feeling happy or hormonal?

Feeling good and more positive than last week.

Looking forward to?

This weekend we are having our new king sized bed delivered and I’m so excited!

Bump watch

My bump has not stopped growing! Here it is for week 31 . . .


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Pregnancy Update for week 31.



3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 31

  1. Just curious where you are located, I’m guessing not America. You refer to things using a lot different phrases than we do. I actually had to look up what you called a “Moses basket”. Lol

      • It’s a bassinet here. I find it interesting how different we label things than you guys do. I’m not sure what you call a pacifier but I’ve heard several people from the UK call it a dummy when out here it’s usually a binky or a paci. There are several items that we call very different names. Just a difference between culture that is very interesting. 🙂

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