Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32 – 35

I’m doing a joint post for the past few weeks as I haven’t really felt like blogging much. I’ve had a few pregnancy dramas over the past weeks but am feeling more positive now. So here’s what I’ve been up to . . .



How far along?

35 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

I’ve put on just over 2 stone and I seem to have stopped gaining so fast now so hopefully it’ll settle down a bit.

Maternity Clothes?

Nothing fits me anymore it’s an actual nightmare! Mainly wearing maternity clothes out of the house and just pj’s at home – especially where its been so hot.

Stretch marks?

Still no stretch marks – woohoo!

Sleep or no sleep?

Sleep hasn’t been great due to the weather being sooo hot and generally feeling uncomfortable.

Best Moment this week?

Over the last few weeks there have been a few good moments . . .

We got a new king sized bed which is so comfortable and lovely!

Bumphrey’s room is coming together and it’s all starting to feel real now – he’s going to be here soon.

Yesterday I had my baby shower which was lovely, lots of Shloer, cupcakes and presents – Baby Douglas is so spoilt already!

Miss anything?

I miss everything now especially being able to walk properly.

Any Movement?

Little Bumphrey is moving loads but has settled himself in the left side of my bump which is causing a few problems, it’s obviously very comfy in there!

Food Cravings?

Still anything icy cold!

Anything making you feel sick?

No sickness




Where Bumphrey has decided to settle on the left side of my bump he is squashing one of the arteries that feeds blood and fluid back to the heart and the rest of my body which is causing my left leg to swell quite severely. So from my hip to my toes on the left side I have a lot of swelling which is very noticeable around the knee and the foot and ankle. This has been very uncomfortable and makes it very difficult to walk anywhere.

I’ve had a few trips to hospital and a scan to check for blood clots, so far it’s clear but unfortunately due to the swelling I’m at high risk of developing one so I’m having to inject myself with blood thinner everyday. I’ve spent a lot of time keeping my leg elevated but it doesn’t make too much difference.

I’ve tried some exercises and a few different things to try and move baby but so far nothing has worked. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve also got sciatica where the baby is lying also on the left side, so I’m experiencing shooting pains from my back down into my legs which has been really painful but I’ve been prescribed some painkillers now that are safe to take when pregnant and they are helping me cope.

It’s been a difficult few weeks but baby is doing fine and I’m hoping that things will improve soon.

Belly button in or out?

Still half in and half out.

Feeling happy or hormonal?

With all the swelling and pains I have been feeling quite down especially as I’m not mobile and able to just get up and go out but I’m starting to feel better about it now as I’ve not got much longer to go and excited that baby will be here soon.

Looking forward to?

This coming week will be my last week working before my maternity leave so it’ll be nice to just relax before baby comes.

Bump watch

My bump is just massive now and the midwife keeps saying there’s no extra room in there! Over the last 10 days bump has dropped and is lower now which is a good sign I think as it means he’s getting into the right position. Here’s bump for 35 weeks . . .



I hope you’ve enjoyed my Pregnancy Update and please let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar with the swelling and any tips you might have.



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