Pregnancy Update: Weeks 36 – 38

Now I’m officially 9 months pregnant, Baby Douglas is classed as full term and could arrive at any time. I’m so excited to meet him and hoping he won’t be fashionably late!


How far along?

38 weeks 🙂

Total weight gain?

I have actually lost a few pounds over the last few weeks so total weight gain is just over 2 stone.

Maternity Clothes?

Bumphrey is getting bigger everyday and my clothes are just getting smaller! I’m living in maternity dresses and tops teamed with hareem trousers and flip flops. I’ve always been into fashion and what’s on trend but now I do just need to feel comfortable and bra’s are the devil!

Stretch marks?

Still no stretch marks – woohoo!

Sleep or no sleep?

Getting to sleep is fine but I keep waking up during the night thinking I might be going into labour or needing to visit the bathroom. My bump is so big now that it takes a huge manoeuvre to turn over and get comfortable but not long to go now.

Best Moment this week?

Over the last few weeks there have been a few good moments . . .

I finally finished work for Maternity Leave – yay! Although I’ll miss my work friends it is a relief that I can just rest at home now.

One of my close friends got married and it was a fantastic day.

It was my birthday the week before last and I was treated to some great presents and lunch out with my Bestie.

Last week my Mum came to visit which was great.

Miss anything?

The last few weeks I have definitely missed alcohol and not being able to have a drink on my birthday or at my leaving meal from work or at the wedding was hard. I also miss being able to see my feet and move anywhere quickly.

Any Movement?

Little Bumphrey is moving loads but has now run out of room in my tummy and all of his movements are now very pronounced and can be really uncomfortable! I quite often see little limbs sticking out the side of my bump and of course night time is his favourite time to wake up. I had the midwife last week and she said that he’s in a really good position so hopefully he’ll stay there.

Food Cravings?

Ice cold water and fruit!

Anything making you feel sick?

No sickness




I’ve had some drama with my left leg and recently found out that I do in fact have a blood clot so I’m now on two lots of blood thinning injections everyday.

The good news is that I now know what was causing the swelling in my left leg and with the injections the swelling has now gone down and I’m able to walk again which is such a relief.

It does mean that I’ll need to be monitored more throughout the birth and then after baby arrives to ensure the clot goes away but baby is fine and perfectly healthy which is the main thing.

Other symptoms include tiredness, feeling very heavy, bit of heartburn here and there and generally slowing down.

Belly button in or out?

I think it’s sticking out as much as it’s going to but it’s not like some other peoples which seem to pop right out.

Feeling happy or hormonal?

Right now I’m just excited for Bumphrey to arrive, I’m so near the end of pregnancy it’s all becoming very real!

Looking forward to?

I’m hoping Baby will arrive this week, I’ve started eating pineapple to see if it helps and spending time rocking on the birthing ball.

Bump watch

My bump has reached a new level of big now and just sticks right out at the front, it’s quite amusing as I don’t really look pregnant from behind and then I turn sideways and there’s this massive bump. I’m just hoping that baby isn’t too big!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Pregnancy Update for weeks 36 – 38.



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