Pregnancy Essentials

While I’m waiting for Baby Douglas to make his arrival – it does seem that he’s going to be fashionably late! – I thought I’d do a little post on the items I found really helpful during my pregnancy.

1 Pregnacare vitamins

When trying to conceive I was taking folic acid and then as soon as I found I was pregnant I started taking these pregnancy vitamins which are a multivitamin containing everything you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Quite often they are on offer and can be bought from supermarkets or high street chemists like Boots.

2 Palmers Cocoa Butter
I started using this moisturiser as a preventative to avoid stretch marks from the beginning of my pregnancy. I love the smell, it doesn’t take long to dry and it lasts a good amount of time. I felt that by using the cocoa butter everyday it really helped my skin stay smooth and soft as it stretched with my growing bump. Apparently stretch marks are genetic and some people are just unlucky depending on their type of skin and will get them regardless. I’ve been really lucky and at almost 41 weeks pregnant still don’t have any stretch marks but I think using this everyday has been a big part of that. It only costs a few pounds and is available at Boots or Superdrug.
3 Maternity Pillow
From the moment my bump started growing I felt really uncomfortable and found it difficult to sleep. I got this maternity pillow set from Amazon and it’s by a brand called Carla. The wedge part of the pillow is the best thing ever! It’s perfect for supporting your bump as it grows and you can just wedge it in under your side. The other part I used on and off but I think it will come in really handy for when baby I here for support while feeding.
4 Soft bras
During those first few months my boobs were so sore and underwired bras are just so painful to wear so its definitely worth picking up a few soft bras and you can get some really pretty ones from places like New Look and Topshop.
5 Stretchy clothing
When you’re first pregnant looking at maternity clothes can be quite overwhelming as the range on the High Street is pretty poor, frumpy and expensive. So I decided early on to try and stay in my own wardrobe for as long as possible. I went and bought several long stretchy vest tops from Primark and H&M as they are only a few pounds each and used these as a base for my outfits as I knew they would keep my tummy covered. I have also lived in hareem style trousers as they have a stretchy waist and you can get some lovely print ones and also jeggings / leggings. When the time comes where you really need some proper maternity clothes I would recommend Primark at Lakeside, New Look maternity – only onine and ASOS.
6 Water & Ice
It’s really important to stay hydrated when pregnant especially with morning sickness. I have found myself craving icy cold water and ice itself during my pregnancy I’m not sure why but I love the refreshing taste. I also found that when suffering with morning sickness an ice pop in the morning really helped me get going.
7 Belvita breakfast biscuits
When feeling rubbish during those first few months these biscuits really helped me get going in the morning especially at work, perfect with a cup of tea! They are healthy and slowly release energy to keep you going until lunch time.
8 Scans & Landmarks
I found my pregnancy was kind of broken up by looking forward and counting down to the scans especially that first one where you just need that reassurance that everything is okay. Then I looked forward to hearing baby’s heartbeat for the first time at the 16 week midwife apt. Then it was only a few weeks until we had our second scan and found out the gender of our baby which was a boy! We also decided to have a 4D scan at 28 weeks and it was the most amazing experience, the amount of detail you can see is incredible and it allows you to bond you with your baby. I think it’s really important to make an occasion of these small landmarks to make the experience enjoyable and all the feeling unwell feels worth it.
9 Baby clothes
Your baby is going to need clothes and I found great joy in every now and then popping out to buy a few little babygrows or clothes. It always made me feel really excited especially as everything is so tiny and cute. It’s definitely worth going to the sales at places like Mothercare, GAP and Jojo Maman Bebe to get some great bargains on good quality clothes. Primark and ASDA are great for stocking up on the basics like vests.
10 Pregnancy App
When I found out I was pregnant I downloaded the Bounty pregnancy app which tells you what is happening each week with your body and your baby and you can follow the progress. There are also lots of links to the Bounty website with advice on symptoms, cravings, scans, nutrition etc. I found this app really helpful, interesting and informative and looked forward to seeing what was happening each week. It’s free to download onto any smart phone.
So these are all my pregnancy essentials I hope you enjoyed reading about them and that if you’re pregnant they may help you out.

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