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Hi Everyone

Since giving birth to my gorgeous baby boy Oliver I’ve taken a break from blogging – as I’ve had my hands full!

I’ve now set up a new lifestyle blog – where you’ll find posts on life with a young baby, yummy recipes, fashion and beauty.

Please feel free to pop over and check it out.

Thank you to all my subscribers and I hope you’ll follow me at High Heels and Baby Wheels.




Pregnancy update: Weeks 19 & 20 and our scan

Hi Guys I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and thought I’d do a combined post to include weeks 19 & 20 and our 20 week scan where we finally found out Bumphrey’s gender. So here’s the latest . . .


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I Heart Valentines Day!

I love valentines day as there’s hearts and roses everywhere which makes me feel all girly and romantic, although it’s easy to get caught up in the commercialization of the holiday I just think it’s nice to show some kind of romantic gesture to the one you love however big or small. So here’s some heart shaped stuff to inspire the romantic side in all of you . . .

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My love affair with Chanel

I’ve always adored Chanel, there’s something just so classically chic about this heritage brand, something that screams elegance and style. It’s not just the clothes, the opulence spreads through the entire brand whether you’re looking at shoes, bags, sunglasses or even perfume. I’ve admired Chanel from a far for years and am still waiting for the day where I’ll have enough money to walk into Selfridges and pick myself up a 2.55 classic quilted bag – I get excited just thinking about it.

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Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review

For me the search for the perfect mascara has been a life long journey, as a fair skinned girl I suffer with blonde eyelashes which also happen to be short and straight. As well as having blonde eyebrows, it means I have to rely on make-up for definition. I have tried lots of different mascara’s that promise to lengthen, curl and millionise – what ever that means? However I always end up settling for one that will just do.

I reached a point where I wanted a mascara that actually made a difference and I thought it would be worth tweeting for beauty bloggers to recommend me a brilliant mascara –  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before and that is how I discovered Benefit – They’re Real – aka the best mascara ever!

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Hair trends: Braids

With Summer now in full swing it’s the perfect time to look at hair styles to go with your beautiful summer outfits. I have always loved plaits in my hair and experiment with styles from time to time. This year plaits and braids have gone to a whole new level being one of the favourite go to styles of the stars, here’s some inspiration:

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Brightly coloured hair – to dye for or not?

Over the last year there have been several coloured hair trends with 2012 seeing lots of pale pinks and purples and then the more natural colours done in an ombre fashion over Winter and now it seems pretty much anything goes. I have had most ‘natural’ colours in my hair ranging from white blonde all the way through to black – since then I have grown out my actual natural colour which is a dark blonde shade but have never really experimented with other colours. So I thought I’d do a blog to see what you all think – brightly coloured hair – to dye for or not?


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