Pregnancy Essentials

While I’m waiting for Baby Douglas to make his arrival – it does seem that he’s going to be fashionably late! – I thought I’d do a little post on the items I found really helpful during my pregnancy.

1 Pregnacare vitamins

When trying to conceive I was taking folic acid and then as soon as I found I was pregnant I started taking these pregnancy vitamins which are a multivitamin containing everything you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Quite often they are on offer and can be bought from supermarkets or high street chemists like Boots.

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Maternity Style Bite: George at ASDA

Now that I’m in the last few weeks of pregnancy trying to find something that even fits has become a challenge, let alone something stylish.

If you’ve kept up with my pregnancy updates you’ll know that up until recently I’ve mixed bigger sized basics with maternity pieces. Currently my bump seems to get bigger every day and is protruding from the bottom of most of my tops – not a desirable look I’m sure you’d agree. So I’ve been on the hunt for some maternity clothes that are stylish, comfortable, fit me and don’t break the bank – Hello George at ASDA.

I’ve found the George maternity range has some great pieces that you can style up at a low price. Here are some pieces that I’m now living in to get me through the last few weeks before Baby Douglas arrives . . .

Black wrap dress – £12


20140816-162742.jpg20140816-162750.jpg Maternity Wrap Dress

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Abbey Clancy for Matalan

I have to say I’m really impressed with the design of Matalan’s latest collection by Abbey Clancy, the dresses and designs are stylish, demure and fashion forward. They definitely have an air of Victoria Beckham about them with the block colours and clean lines and this is absolutely a step up for the budget brand.

Shapely: Abbey has included plenty of flattering dress styles with figure hugging silhouettes aimed to accentuate the female figure

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Review: Carla Nougat Maternity Pillow

One of the things about being pregnant is all of a sudden everything begins to ache and generally feel uncomfortable which can make sleeping all that harder. I have a bit of back trouble anyway and being pregnant makes it worse,  also with your tummy expanding it feels very strange and can be uncomfortable to sleep in the positions that you’re used to. So I decided to invest in a maternity pillow and after some deliberation decided on the Carla Nougat essential pregnancy support pack . . .


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Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review

For me the search for the perfect mascara has been a life long journey, as a fair skinned girl I suffer with blonde eyelashes which also happen to be short and straight. As well as having blonde eyebrows, it means I have to rely on make-up for definition. I have tried lots of different mascara’s that promise to lengthen, curl and millionise – what ever that means? However I always end up settling for one that will just do.

I reached a point where I wanted a mascara that actually made a difference and I thought it would be worth tweeting for beauty bloggers to recommend me a brilliant mascara –  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before and that is how I discovered Benefit – They’re Real – aka the best mascara ever!

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