Pregnancy Essentials

While I’m waiting for Baby Douglas to make his arrival – it does seem that he’s going to be fashionably late! – I thought I’d do a little post on the items I found really helpful during my pregnancy.

1 Pregnacare vitamins

When trying to conceive I was taking folic acid and then as soon as I found I was pregnant I started taking these pregnancy vitamins which are a multivitamin containing everything you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Quite often they are on offer and can be bought from supermarkets or high street chemists like Boots.

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Pregnancy Update: Week 27

Now I’m heading into the third trimester everything seems so real and it’s so exciting to think little Bumphrey will be here in three months eeek! Here’s the latest . . .


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My Summer Style

After weeks of rain, work stresses and and a major leak in my flat – yes it was raining inside, I decided to treat myself, I indulged in lots of tea, sweets and pampering!

 As you would have seen in my last post Crosses are so hot right now, the cross print is a key trend this season and adds an edge to any outfit. I’ve been looking out for a pair cross print leggings for a while and after scouting the High Street I found this pair for the bargain price of £9.99 from Internacionale. You can also get them in Topshop but they’re more expensive at £20.

image image

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