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Hi Everyone

Since giving birth to my gorgeous baby boy Oliver I’ve taken a break from blogging – as I’ve had my hands full!

I’ve now set up a new lifestyle blog – where you’ll find posts on life with a young baby, yummy recipes, fashion and beauty.

Please feel free to pop over and check it out.

Thank you to all my subscribers and I hope you’ll follow me at High Heels and Baby Wheels.




Pregnancy Essentials

While I’m waiting for Baby Douglas to make his arrival – it does seem that he’s going to be fashionably late! – I thought I’d do a little post on the items I found really helpful during my pregnancy.

1 Pregnacare vitamins

When trying to conceive I was taking folic acid and then as soon as I found I was pregnant I started taking these pregnancy vitamins which are a multivitamin containing everything you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Quite often they are on offer and can be bought from supermarkets or high street chemists like Boots.

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Our scan story

Since I got the date for our first scan I’ve literally not been able to think of anything else, I’ve had a real mix of nerves and excitement and spent all my spare time wondering what baby would look like and hoping that everything was okay.

I had so many worries and even dreams that we would get to the scan and they would say I wasn’t pregnant, so much so that I did another pregnancy test to make sure I was still pregnant, sounds crazy but it put my mind at rest, did anyone have this?


When we got to the hospital we were seen really quickly and they showed us into the room where you lay on the bed. The sonographer put some jelly on my tummy and started rolling the scanner over my lower abdomen and immediately an image came up on the screen. She zoomed right in and straight away you could see the tiny little baby in my womb. In that one moment my heart swelled and I was so overwhelmed with relief and happiness that I cried.

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